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“In every industry, there are secret ways to grow fast that few businesses know about. At Resounding, we look for the BEST ways to grow yours so you can reach your goals sooner and enjoy a better life.”

Tulio Silva, Founder
Resounding Productions

Only the BEST Ways to Grow YOUR Business!

Growth, demystified: your clear, comprehensive plan!

To grow fast, you need to understand your business AND your clients to:

  1. identify who your ideal clients are (those who will love your offers);
  2. analyze what your competitors are doing online (and, optionally, offline) that are bringing them results;
  3. identify what you’re doing that does bring you good results, do more of that, and get rid of what doesn’t;
  4. discover what are your products and services’ key selling features – from your ideal customers’ viewpoint;
  5. develop a comprehensive online marketing strategy to reach your right clients, with the right message, at the right places, to get you more sales.

Does it sound like a lot of work? Well, that’s why we exist - nice to meet you! 

Ask yourself again: aren’t you tired of marketing professionals and agencies that promise too much and deliver too little? It’s probably because they’re stuck in the old ways of marketing and haven’t realized that things have changed – a lot – in recent years. They’ll sell you a video. Or ads. Or something else. NOT a full plan. 

Or else they'll focus on mystical terms like rankings, leads, engagement, traffic, CTR/CR etc. and forget what it matters the most for your business: revenue growth. If your latest 200 viral videos don't get you more cash in the bank, they're just wasted precious money and time.

At Resounding, we don’t sell videos, we don’t sell ads, we don’t guess, we don’t do fluffy stuff: we sell you... well, SALES! If we need any of the previous, all right, but that will be according to your specific needs and goals, and based on proven methods and objective data, that is:

  • if it works for you, we’ll do more of that and less of the rest;
  • if it works for your competitors, we’ll devise ways to make it work for you too.

And, of course, we’ll sure look for new, better tactics that neither you nor they use yet. To do so, we rely on top-notch tools, as well as in-house techniques, to bring you the best results in the market. Our goal is to bring you the best ROI towards your growth goals. Ever!

How would it feel for you to reach and surpass your business' growth goals? What if you could do it in half the planned time? Would it allow you more time to work ON your business, as opposed to IN your business? Would it help you sleep in peace at night, knowing that everything is going the way they should? Maybe all of the previous?

What if we told you that it's now within your reach?

Ask yourself: Why are some of your competitors selling like crazy in your market? Is it because they’re cheaper? Is it because they’re better?

The answer is: probably NOT!

Fact is: things change! What brought you to where you are isn’t what will get you to the next level – it will get you stuck! Also, traditional marketing is dead! However, most business are still in the stone age, trying to get sales based on price, brand, or specifications. Now hear this...

In old times, all you needed was to have a product and scream “Here it is! Come buy!” However, customers have never had as many options as nowadays. Competition is fierce in all sectors, and your product might as well have become a commodity. You’re competing not only with the store next door, but also with a tiny manufacturer in a remote and cheaper country.

People are constantly bombarded with “buy me” messages for products that look, sound, and feel almost exactly the same. With such an avalanche of offers, how do YOU stand out from your competitors? Moreover, how to highlight your qualities that matter the most to your ideal customers (not just anyone)?

Tip: it’s not price, it’s not quality; sometimes it’s not even design!

For example, have you considered you might be advertising to the wrong audience? IF so, you’re wasting a lot of resources attracting clients you DON’T want – or none at all!

Therefore, the real question is: how to craft your message so that your best clients – those who will LOVE your products – instantly know that you’re a perfect match for them? How to get them almost begging to buy from you (as in “shut up and take my money”)?

You could educate your audience on the real value (as opposed to “price”) of your products and services; you could craft your message and ads to touch exactly on the pain points of your potential best clients; you could create massive online campaigns to get their attention and send them to your site or e-store. Or you could build a concise strategy to do all of that in a calculated, systematic, planned way, to get just exactly as many or as little clients as you’d want. No more, no less.

However, to do that, you need to know your ideal client. What do they value? What are they looking for? Where do they hang out? How well do they know your product? Do they know how much their life could improve by using your product? And how well are your competitors reaching out to them, doing the work you could, but are not doing?

Are you looking for help navigating the complex world of modern sales, when your clients are flocking to lower-quality competitors that are at times even more expensive? Are you tired of hearing terms like CTR, CR, PPC, leads, but never seeing them grow your business? Aren’t you fed up of agencies that only do specific tasks and never get you consistent results?

Well, that’s because you’re not yet thinking of strategy. Not just “how to grow”, but how to do it consistently over time and in a way you can handle. And, most importantly, what’s the best way to do it for your specific business – not some other – so you don’t need to stop and try that next shiny thing that will bring you sales this time. Not a copy-paste formula that won’t necessarily apply to you.

And strategy is exactly what we do!

It’s very hard to find your way without a map. It’s even harder to get a map if you don’t know where you are and where you’re going. It’s very hard to get results if you don’t know what to do. And if you’re trying many things and none is working, chances are you don’t know what you’re doing at all. But you could nail it if you just had some pointers.

So don’t waste any more of your time in tactics that might work just because – get in touch and let us craft a comprehensive strategy that will point you to the right direction: your Goldmine Map!


Enter: The Goldmine Map!

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Get Your
Goldmine Map!

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